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Project Client



Shift Real Estate Investments LP


Construction Management

Design Team

Ian Moxon Architect Inc.

BCB Engineering Ltd.

Sunwise Engineering Ltd. 

Silver Ridge Construction (1999) Ltd

The Davis Auto Group has been serving Southern Alberta, primarily in rural communities and small cities throughout Alberta.  The Davis Auto Group initiated in Fort MacLeod and now based in Lethbridge has locations and partnerships throughout Alberta from Westlock to Fort MacLeod. 


Ian Moxon Architect Inc. collaborated with the Davis Auto Group, Shift Real Estate Investments LP, and Silver Ridge Construction (1999) Ltd  to design the new dealership for Davis Dodge in Fort MacLeod.  The building design and programming were required to fit inside the Chrysler Canada Dealership Design Criteria while scaling the development to suit the demands of the small community.  The design consisted of a combination of conventional steel construction for the office & sales portion and pre-cast panels for the shop area.  Local manufacturing companies assisted in the design direction to utilize the precast panels.  Close collaboration between all team members was required to deliver a completed project that was within the project budget and met the requirements of the end users. 

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