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Residential Architecture

Brooks Womens Shelter.jpg

Brooks Women's Shelter

Residential architecture axis 28.jpg

Axis 28 - Lethbridge

Plaza 601 architecture project

Plaza 601 - Lethbridge

Hamel House overview.jpg

Hamel House - Crowsnest Pass

What is a Residential Architect?

A residential architect designs apartments, condos, single-family homes, renovations, living space remodeling and outdoor residential space designs. The specialisation an architect brings to residential design is the combination of art, science and engineering. This results in structures that are not just functional, but attractive too. 

What is Modern Residential Architecture?

Modern residential architecture, despite its name, can refer to residential architecture designs as far back as the early 20th century which evolved until current times. 


Early residential design focused less on artistic design and more on function. An example is high-rise apartment buildings. In this case, function was paramount where small areas could be used to house many people. Functional design focused on optimizing building utilities to accommodate many people. This design became common across the world and was fueled by increased demand for residential space, particularly in large cities where space was not very abundant.

Residential Architecture Firms

Although high-rise residential buildings are still common, the design has changed dramatically. These days, residential architecture firms can utilise modern materials to create highly functional buildings with superb visual appeal. Utilizing light, colours, modern technological systems and outdoor spaces to promote healthy comfortable living environments. 

Types of Residential Architecture

Residential architecture comes in many forms. This can be condominium design, single private residences, apartment complexes, retirement homes, redesign of existing spaces, renovations or additions.

The design can be based on many things such as function budget, climate, site context and building orientation and can vary on each type of living space. The architectural design could be some features such as maximising a small space, inclusion of a work space, exploiting a key feature such as an impressive view, blending into an environment or simply being attractive. Apartment complexes and residential communities require amenities such as parking and communal spaces whereas single family homes may not require as much outdoor design. 

Why Hire a Residential Architect to Design Your Home?

  • Much like in commercial architecture, a residential architect can design a residence to meet the needs of the tenant. Furthermore, due to experience in the field, a residential architect has valuable insight into what will work, and perhaps, even better ways to do things. 

  • With an extensive knowledge of materials, a residential architect can modernize a home with modern construction materials to make it as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.  Following cutting edge standards in construction, materials and design, will increase a home’s value and can reduce energy costs. 

  • Modern residential design features add value to a home and improve sale potential. Whether it is designed prior to construction, or during renovation of an old home, the superior appeal of an architecturally designed home cannot be understated. 

  • Residential architects not only design your perfect home, they supervise construction through to completion. This ensures high quality and timely completion due to professional planning. 

  • Residential architects provide sketches and computer generated 3D models so you can walk around and in the building vertically, which can be very helpful in seeing your plans come to life prior to finalizing the design and making your vision come to reality.

Home Architecture

For any architect, home architecture is probably the most personal project they can do. Since the client is often the person who will reside in the home, home designs are personalised to the client's needs and getting them perfect is more important than ever. Since the architecture and styling of a home is very personal, it also varies greatly with each client. The most important job the architect must do is to get a clear vision of what the client wants. This can require multiple iterations of plans and designs until the final design is agreed upon. 

Sometimes, the client may not have a design in mind and will rely on the skill of the architect to create an architecturally stunning and unique home. Either way, the result is always a visually stunning, efficient and functional home to love for a lifetime and create a lifetime of memories. 

Your Local Residential Architect

Ian Moxon Architect Inc. is your local residential architect for Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Southern Alberta. With years of experience in the local area and a highly experienced team of architecture professionals, we can make your residential vision a reality. Contact us and let us discuss your needs. We can make it happen.

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