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Recreational Architecture

Nicholas Sheran Picnic Shelter

Nicholas Sheran Picnic Shelter - Lethbridge

Lakeridge Boulevard South

Lakeridge Blvd South - Lethbridge

Sports Park Change Room

Sports Park Change Rooms - Lethbridge

Blood Tribe Ceremonial Building.jpg

Blood Tribe Ceremonial Building

Pincher creek Pool.jpg

Pincher Creek Swimming Pool Addition

Recreational Architecture

What is Recreational Architecture?

Recreational architecture is the design of building, facilities and campuses used for recreational purposes such as sports, leisure, entertainment and adventure. 

Recreation is a broad term and refers to many activities. Architectural design thus varies greatly depending on the project in question. Typically, recreational architecture projects fall under the category of community focused and municipality funded facilities to identify them separately from commercial facilities, however, in some cases, private businesses collaborate with municipalities to have facilities built. 

As an example, sports stadiums are often part owned by private businesses but may also receive support by municipalities in their development. 

More commonly, recreational facilities are free for use for the community such as the picnic shelter at Nicholas Sheran Park or the lethbridge community skate park.

Sports Venues

Sports facilities are a common feature of recreational architecture as they provide the community with both a place to host large sports events in addition to providing a sporting attraction to the community. Architectural design characteristics include seating/standing arrangement, spectator flow through the facility, commercial aspects such as kiosks, security, parking etc.

Swimming Pools

Community swimming pools and/or water parks, can be found in almost every community. Swimming pool design requires accommodation for associated facilities such as change rooms, spectator areas, staffing facilities and water related industrial components such as heaters and pumps. See Pincher Creek swimming pool addition.

Performance Theaters

Performance theaters which accommodate musical and visual performances such as opera, dance and musical acts, are another common attraction in many communities. From small community halls to the Sydney Opera House, there are many aspects of architectural design required to make these facilities operate efficiently.  

Performance theaters require extensive design in acoustics, lighting and electrical in addition to the typical spectator seating, parking and staffing requirements.

recreational picnic shelter


Playgrounds are usually designed as part of a larger project such as a park or neighbourhood development. Playgrounds are planned for safety, access and to accommodate both parents and children. Durable materials are required for seating, shade and parking as outdoor year round facilities. Playgrounds are often themed to fit into the surrounding environment and can be the central feature of a park. 

Recreational architecture is a wide reaching specialty and a key aspect in design of community facility. Ian Moxon Architect Inc. is an experienced recreational architecture firm. Contact us to discuss your recreational project. 

recreational swimming pool interior
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