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Commercial Architecture

heritage station.jpg

Heritage Station - Lethbridge

Picture Butte Commons

Picture Butte Commons - Picture Butte, AB

Legacy Gate Tim Hortons Commercial Architecture

Legacy Ridge Tim Hortons - Lethbridge


Trace Associates Inc. - Lethbridge

1 Ave South Commercial Architecture Building

1 Ave South, Lethbridge

Norland Ballroom Small

Norland Ballroom - Lethbridge, AB

Jetz Sunridge

Jetz Carwash - Lethbridge


Oliver Building - Lethbridge

Davis Dodge small.jpg

Davis Dodge - Fort Macleod

What is Commercial Architecture?

Commercial Architecture is architecture focused specifically on the development of buildings and spaces that are used for commercial purposes such as retail outlets, offices and production facilities.

A commercial location can vary from a remote warehouse to a downtown high rise office building. No matter the function or location, a skilled commercial architect brings ideas into a functional reality with guidance and vision at every step.

car wash example of commercial architecture

What's the Difference Between Commercial Architecture and Other Types of Architecture?

Commercial architecture requires a specific focus on the needs of a business. The architectural design is made to accommodate the day-to-day business demands making the space compatible with the function. In order to do so, commercial architects study the behaviour of customers and the interaction of business owners with clientele. An understanding of the psychology of the sale and marketing of products combined with consumer trends is of utmost importance.

Specific commercial premises design characteristics may include factors such as: 

  • Refrigeration facilities (e.g. food storage)

  • Large bay access points (large/bulk products)

  • Separate delivery access points

  • Storage facilities (e.g. shelving/forklift space)

  • Security points (restricted access)


General commercial premises design factors may include:

  • Fire regulations

  • Locality specific regulations

  • Barrier Free Access

  • Parking requirements

  • Elevators (freight and/or passenger)

  • Environmental Control

  • Future expansion


A commercial architect spends time researching business types in order to provide unique and inspired design options. This research helps give business owners a competitive advantage over other businesses. Aesthetic appeal, lighting, optimising space, temperature etc. These, and many other factors, help generate new and repeat customers necessitating the consideration for future expansion and efficient workflow.

Commercial Interior design.jpg

What are the Steps in Commercial Architecture?

Although the steps involved in commercial architecture can vary depending on the type of business and any existing infrastructure, here is a general guide to the process. 


  1. Meet with the client to discuss their needs and discover in-depth details about their business. In addition to the owner, a good commercial architect will meet with employees at various levels of the business to get their input into the operation of the business at each level. Sometimes, the people at the top do not know how the lower levels operate. 

  2. If a location has not yet been determined, site locations and/or spaces may then be reviewed and analyzed to determine a location that works best for the business. 

  3. Creation of the concept drawings and designs for the client to review. The designs help the client visualise the final product. 

  4. Once the design has been approved, a commercial architect can then generate the technical plans, project timelines, and the probable cost of development. This will finalise the project plan.


Beyond this point, the commercial architect liaises with the construction company and various vendors to guide the construction of the building/space.

Who Can Benefit From Commercial Architecture Services?

Partnering with a skilled commercial architect is to the benefit of every business whether from outright design or the improvement of an existing facility. Using experience and insight, Ian Moxon Architect Inc. transforms a business space from sufficient to ideal. The ideal space can promote lower operating costs, higher sales, improved customer retention, happier employees and an overall less stressful environment. 


Our team will make your business stand out in a crowd as sleek, stylish, innovative and modern so you remain at the forefront in your niche. 


Contact Ian Moxon Architect Inc. to discuss your needs for commercial architectural design. 

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